CADRE and allies get California Legislature to begin ending school pushout

Many years of work culminated in EIGHT (8) new school discipline and juvenile justice reform bills being introduced and making their way through committees!  Please visit for all the details and call (323) 752-9997 or email ( us at CADRE if you want to get involved in our statewide policy advocacy.  Congrats to all of us in this fight to fulfill the human rights to dignity, quality education, and participation…we are finally starting to shift perception and belief that zero tolerance works – it doesn’t, and we are finally creating the conditions to change how we respond to and support children, youth, and parents who are criminalized because of their skin color and where they live.  We’ve got a long way to go – but we can definitely celebrate what we’ve been able to do in LA Unified, the City of LA, and now California-wide.

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