The Solution

THE SOLUTION: Ending the “school-to-prison train” by stopping PUSHOUT

CADRE believes the solution rests in parents leading a movement for systemic social change that stops pushout. This means grassroots parents changing the rules of the game (educational policies) so that public schools not only provide a quality education to all children, in every neighborhood, but also function as community institutions that value social justice and respond to community needs.

This requires a public school system that shares power with parents. It also requires schools to respect parents when they are working to hold them accountable for respecting the civil and human rights of each child (educational practices).

Parents, regardless of race, income, language, or immigration status, must have the power, access, and tools to participate in stopping the pushout crisis with their insight, decision-making, and leadership. Parents must be able to protect opportunities to learn and public education for present and future generations. Without the commitment to educating all children regardless of where they live, public schools will not survive, and our most vulnerable communities of color in poverty will not thrive.